Project Pat


much love to all my project pat fans worldwide

>>By HipHop4respect A:K:   (Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 13:11)

Respect my nigga! Real gangsta shit! I love dat shit

>>By Da Juice from da North   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 19:55)

Yeahyo there is no better shit than that for real
love ProPAT

>>By AjK master KRAUSE   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 20:51)

P.R.O.J.E.C.T P.A.T ya heard me
he hott like a muh'fu**er. dig dat. holla at memphis, 10

>>By m-town boi   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 21:40)

Project pat youre one of the best mcees who ever did it!!! your lyrics are deadly.....easily overwalking other fake-g's, youre my man!!! greeets from southern germany (stuttgart) to norf norf m-town and da whole posse!!! 666 4 ever!

>>By DOPEHOUSE   (Wednesday, 31 Dec 2003 01:44)

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